Making a Passport In Ghana – My Story I

Two days ago, I managed to make my way to the New Passport Office. On arriving there, I met this man who tried to help me but another “strict” guy just kept telling me I should come tomorrow. Eventually, I had to go the next day.

So I woke up very early yesterday, to go the office so no-one could “brag”. Woke up like, 6am, thanks to my wonderful alarm app. So I fixed some quick breakfast and dashed out.

The Journey that almost never ended

ImageSo I stood in front of the hostel (Pentagon) to take an Accra-bound troski to the Office. About 10 mins after I got to the road side, with all the passing cars full, I made up my mind. Oh, and I got to the road side by 7:15am. So with the image of the man at the passport centre in mind with his dreaded words, I took a troski that was bound for Lapaz so I could alight at Shiashie. *Smart thinking*

A minute into our drive and oh my! Traffic! What! Is this what the people on this side face everyday? We stayed in traffic for almost 20 minutes! When we were almost near the Shell Station behind the Standards Office, I had to make a decision. Get out of the bus and walk. Yep, like you see in the movies. So I walked to Shiashie, and saw some people who had already come to pass when I was sitting in the bus. Then the search for a bus began!

I’m usually very strategic about picking a troski. I first look at the number of seats inside, the people waiting to pounce onnthe bus, etc. before I make a move. So about 5 minutes later, I spotted this cool troski I could take advatage of. So I struggled my way into the bus just to find a small boy probably 9 years sitting in one of the seats. Crap! I had to get down.

Next to come was a cab, hailing, “Accra, Accra”, So with my boldness, not knowing how much he was gonna charge, I sat in, and got a window seat. πŸ˜‰ About 30 minutes later, over a usual 15-minute journey, I made it to the Passport office at 8:15am. Whew! That was close.

Want to know more? Part II continues…


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