My Blogging Lecture

So on Monday, Patricia asked me to prepare for a lecture on blogging in case Jason (of Adsbrook) was not able to make it. He has been busy making more money for the promising startup. And the usual heartbeat skips came in. So I said yes since I am a 4-month old Techy Africa blogger.


xkcd-bloggingSometime during the week, I had taken advantage of Google Keep to take notes on how to structure my content. I made a few notes, which I thought would be helpful, some examples and all. On Wednesday, I received a mail from Patricia about which parts would be better to concentrate on. That helped immensely. It turned out that my examples and preparations would have been a little off course. Thanks, Pat. So on Thursday night, which is yesterday, I sat in Flat 5 to complete my presentation.

I was unnecessarily quiet last night. I don’t even know why. I’m sure the tension was part. But I knew this would be different because it was not the usual high-tension 5 minute pitch with … around. 😥 But I foretold it would be less stressful. And as usual, I was so scared ECG’s Dark Knight would be on duty since we had ‘enjoyed’ electricity for almost a week. I finally slept at 1:45am, though.

In the Morning

And as usual, I woke up at exactly 7am. (not with an alarm, I think that is what this whole body clock thing is all about) Finished everything by 7.40am. Since Uncle Pius was not coming, I had to wait if I would get a legit refund. And as usual, on Fridays, my fellow classmates were reluctant to come early. But I still made it quite ‘late’ even though I had not completely finished my presentation.

When I got to school

I just rushed to get some breakfast and rushed to Elorm‘s ‘office’ to complete my lecture. Took me about 30 minutes to complete, though. Unni came in to class, I joined in later, so unlike me.

The Class

Make Money BloggingBusiness block was to start at 10am but Patricia was not so well so she came in a little late. Also, we had completed Unni’s class a little later after getting into some hot debate about Ghana’s payment platform rescue (I always love to hear that discussion). Then the time came. As usual, my GPS Team(Akua and Osam)didn’t leave me alone. They cheered me on, together with the rest of the class. The lecture started, had to release tension and give a few 411s to the class and to the Professor 🙂

On the whole, I think it was good. Blogging for startups should be a must. It’s a great way to engage your customers and even investors. If you have a company, and you got no blog, start one today. I have uploaded my presentation on Slideshare. Go through and lemme know if you have any questions. Medaase!


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