We Hanged Out With The Ladies at Women In Tech Night

Quite recently, a lot of discussion has been going on concerning women empowerment in Tech, especially in Ghana. With the exploits of Tech Needs Girls, and very soon, STEMBees, we are sure young girls in Ghana are off to a great start in the sciences thanks to the great support from the community.

Since January this year, the Women In Tech event has been taking place each month bringing together women, and some men, in tech to deliberate on issues relating to women and their contributions to tech in Ghana.

Yesterday’s event was its first to be held at the AITI-KACE. The discussion centered on e-commerce in Ghana. The night featured 5 reps from the Rocket Internet powerhouse, AIH. Carmudi, Lamudi, EasyTaxi, Kaymu, and Hello Foods represented the e-commerce community in Ghana. Most of the discussions involved their operations in Ghana, and the lessons they have learnt.

For most of these businesses, the almost-nonexistent presence of Ghanaians online made it difficult for them. Other logistical issues like address systems, etc. all came up.

The presence of Google Ghana Manager was felt as she offered some insights into the listings market with respect to her Google Trader experience. The meeting was streamed live, and can be watched on YouTube, any day.

I think a lot more of such events will be helpful to young women who have plans of going into tech in Ghana. We’ll fill you in on subsequent Women In Tech Events to come. To the team behind this initiative, we say Kudos!


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