Celebrate International Women’s Day with Women In Tech Ghana at iSpace

Women in Tech Ghana in commemoration of International Women Day (IWD) will be convening two programs in Collaboration with iSpace Ghana and Female in Mobile Entrepreneurship to support women leaders and entrepreneurs.

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 every year. In different regions the focus of the celebrations ranges from general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women to a celebration for women’s economic, political, and social achievements.

The United Nations began celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8 March during International Women’s Year 1975. Two years later, in December 1977, the General Assembly adopted a resolution proclaiming a United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace to be observed on any day of the year by Member States, in accordance with their historical and national traditions.

The Programs are:
Talk on Personal Branding with Otema Yirenkyi (Microsoft Ghana Country Manager) on Personal Branding and Lead Nurturing

Venue: iSpace Ghana
Date: Thursday 5th March 2015
Time: 6pm – 8.30pm

Free Event, but places are limited. Get tickets at https://egotickets.com/events/women-in-tech-ghana-march-event

Half a Day Training Session for Female Entrepreneurs on Technology for Business Growth and Marketing on a Budget by Industry experts like Ethel Cofie (CEO of Edel Tech and President Obama’s Mandela Washington Fellow) and Ebenezer Amankwah (Head of Corporate Communication Vodafone Ghana)

Venue: iSpace Ghana
Date: Friday 6th March 2015
Time: 9am-2pm
Free Event, but only 25 spots are available. Please apply to be invited at http://goo.gl/forms/1glFk4ongp

Women in Tech Ghana
Women in Technology Ghana is a networking group focused on two main goals encouraging women and girls into Science, Technology , Engineering and  Math careers  and  preventing  women dropping out of technology roles and careers  through  education, providing opportunities and by sharing experiences and lessons learnt. Women in Tech Ghana is affiliated with Women in tech Africa.

Female in Mobile Entrepreneurship
Female in Mobile Entrepreneurship’s goal is to build a community of female entrepreneurs, who are connected and trained with the relevant skills, and to support and enable them to use the right tools to develop mobile applications. In doing so, we also aim to foster entrepreneurship and empower females by inspiring and encouraging them to challenge the status quo.

iSpace Ghana
iSpace Ghana is a unique environment where technology startups can start up faster. We nurture a local network of like-minded and focused tech entrepreneurs, providing space for them to work, meet, collaborate, learn and have fun. By getting the right people together in a physical space, good things happen.

Africatwenty10 Accelerator Launches


Africa now has a $2 trillion economy, with a third of the continent’s countries growing at 6% or more. It has 60% of the world’s arable land and we will soon have the world’s largest workforce and the youngest continent with 75% of population under 25 years.

Earlier in 2014, GEM published its annual report looking at the state of entrepreneurship globally. It found that sub-Saharan Africa is the region with by far the highest number of people involved in early-stage entrepreneurial activity with Zambia and Nigeria leading the world rankings. In light of these great strides of Africa in entrepreneurship many accelerators have being established to catalyze the growth of entrepreneurship in Africa.

The AfricaTwenty10 Accelerator is looking to solve the problem of the growth of very few truly large African companies (e.g. Seven Seas, Mara Group, Naspers) due to the fragmented and small market size in the different countries. This affects the continents ability to create strong companies and ecosystems.

Africa Twenty10 is an accelerator which will provide a three (3) month intensive program for startups to enable them launch in multiple markets to access bigger market sizes. We aim to balance the companies that we accept to include a fair balance of female led startups, social enterprises along with other profitable and impactful startups.

The Program is supported by Microsoft 4 Afrika Initiative, Appfrica Venture Capital Fund, Expand HR Services and innovation spaces across Africa including iSpace in Ghana. Application opened on 31st October 30 and Closes December 10th , 2014 .Please visit www.AfricaTwenty10.com to apply.

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Ethel Cofie Shortlisted As Part of 5 Women in UN ITU GEM Tech Awards

As part of the United Nation(UN) and International Telecommunications Union (ITU) GEM Tech Awards, Ethel Cofie was  1 of 5 shortlisted from over 360 nominations for the GEM Tech Awards under the Category : Promoting Women in ICT Sector. Winners will be announced at PP-14 on 28th October 2014. Below is the list of the 5 shortlisted candidates for the same category. Categories which have Africans shortlisted are also listed here.

CATEGORY 3:  Promoting Women in ICT Sector – initiatives aimed at attracting, retaining and promoting women within the ICT sector and into decision-making positions (private and public sector)
Luna Shamsuddoha – President, Bangladesh Women in Technology (Bangladesh)
Luna’s efforts have been in gender equality and inclusion of women and girls through education participation in the ICT sector in particular. She has been engaged in a number of activities to promote gender empowerment within the ICT sector including leadership roles in private business, government and the banking sector, and advocacy work through speaking roles and work with various NGOs.
Ethel Cofie – Founder, Women in Technology Alliance Africa (Ghana)
Ethel Cofie is the founder of the Women in Tech group in Ghana, a platform to help women in the ICT industry grow and climb the cooperate ladder with networking sessions. The events have brought together a variety of speakers such as Estelle Akrofi, Country Manager of Google, and Otema Yirenkyi, Country Manager of Microsoft Ghana, who draw on their diverse range of backgrounds and personal experiences to discuss tips, tricks, and anecdotes on how women can take advantage of changes happening in the high tech world.
Ifat Baron – Executive Director, ITWorks-Empowering People (Israel)
Ifat Baron established ITWorks, an Israeli non-profit organization in 2006, to provide economically disenfranchised women throughout Israel with technological training, professional skills, and job placement support, helping them launch careers in unfilled positions in Israel’s hi-tech and communications industries. ITWorks has provided approximately 1,100 women with the tools for financial self-sufficiency and long-term integration into Israel’s thriving technology sectors, successfully maintaining a 73% quality job placement rate.
Dr Salim Sultan Salim Al Ruzaiqi – CEO, Information Technology Authority (Oman)
Dr Salim is active in bridging the digital gender divide and empowering women in Oman. Realising that Omani women cannot be left behind in the pursuit of knowledge in the digital age, he has implementation of various capacity building initiatives targeted for Omani women, so they become avid users and contributors in a knowledge-based economy.
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT (UK)
Established in 2007, BCSWomen is a group of almost 1500 IT professionals who, as volunteers, work on numerous initiatives to encourage more women to join the IT profession and support those who are part of it, including training courses, virtual activities using social media and discussion groups. The group comprises women working in technology based roles from across all industry sectors and has an international membership. 
Other African Persons and Projects shortlisted under different categories:
CATEGORY 1: ICT Applications, Content, Production Capacities and Skills for Women’s Social, Political Empowerment and Women’s Empowerment Linkages with Sustainable Development.
Muso Ladamunen – MAMMA project (Mobile Mothers against Malaria in Mali) (Mali)
UNESCO – Women in African History: An E-Learning Tool (Ethiopia)
Women in African History: An E-Learning Tool is a platform that consists of multimedia educational resources including comic strips, audio modules, and quizzes which highlight the role of women in African history.
CATEGORY 2: ICT Applications, Content, Production Capacities and Skills for Women’s Economic Empowerment and Poverty Reduction
Sophie Kumwanje – Malawi Country Manager, Grow Movement, (Malawi)
Grow Movement provides virtual consultancy to female entrepreneurs, aimed at improving their ICT, financial literacy and marketing skills which enables each woman to run their businesses better, employ more people in their community and earn more money.
Asikana Network (Zambia)
The organization aims to increase female participation in computer science. In order to do so, the Asikana Network focuses on teaching ICT skills to young girls, paying particular attention to vulnerable girls so that they can access better jobs
CATEGORY 4:  Enabling Girls to Become ICT Creators – initiatives aimed towards providing girls with an opportunity to become not just active users but also creators of ICTs and content
CEFEPROD (Women’s Centre for the Promotion of Development) (Cameroon)
The organization is engaged in multiple activities to encourage women and girls to participate in the ICT sector. These include annual ‘Girls in ICT Day’ celebrations which aim to encourage thousands of young girls to choose science courses and careers in the ICT sector by giving talks in schools, hosting competitions  and inviting female leaders in the ICT sector  to share their experiences with the girls.
Category 5: Closing the ICT Gender Gap – Ensuring ICT accessibility for women, such as digital literacy training and ensuring affordable and meaningful access to ICTs by women. Initiatives aimed at measuring the ICT gender gap including research and data on women’s engagement with ICTs and their impact
Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC) (Nigeria)
Set up in 2008, the Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC) builds the capability of Nigerian girls and women to increase their economic power and to speak about issues affecting their lives through information and communication technology (ICT)-based training and projects, focusing on education, activism, entrepreneurship, and professional activities.
Category 6: Efforts to Reduce Threats Online and Building Women’s Confidence and Security in the Use of ICTs
Association for Progressive Communication (APC) – Feminist Tech Exchanges (FTX) (South Africa)
Through skills diffusion and capacity building, the Feminist Tech Exchange (FTX) empowers women’s rights organizations, advocates and feminists. FTXs train women’s rights advocates in essential internet, audio and other technical skills to enable them to use technology to more effectively to document abuses, build knowledge, disseminate information, mobilize support and amplify pressures for change
Category 7: ICT and Broadband strategies policies, framework that promote women’s digital empowerment
Federal Ministry of Communication Technology (Nigeria)
The social and economic transformation of Nigeria requires that the economically active population be empowered and productive. Women, a significant part of this population, traditionally tend to be marginalized, but ICTs provide a useful avenue for the inclusion and active participation of women in development.
For further details about the Awards finalists, please visit http://www.itu.int/en/action/women/gem/Pages/finalists.aspx

Ethel Cofie, Ghanaian IT Consultant Selected for President Obama Fellowship

iSpace Foundation is happy to announce Selection of Ethel Cofie  one of its supporters for the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), Washington Fellowship. iSpace is a space for developers, innovators, entrepreneurs and technology lovers to come together in a shared facility and work together.
The Washington Fellowship is the new flagship program of the President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI).  This program will bring over 500 young leaders to the United States for leadership training, academic coursework, and mentoring, and will create unique opportunities in Africa to put those new skills to practical use .

As part of the Fellowship Ethel  will be  Interacting with President Obama at a Presidential Summit in Washington DC, Participate in an intensive academic and leadership program at YALE University and meet with U.S. government, civic, and business leaders;
Ethel Cofie  is an IT  and Strategy consultant with a passion to  support businesses in their efforts to provide customers with great service/product, provide excellent customer service and make profit by providing excellent and appropriate technology solutions.

Her experience spans a variety of countries including UK, Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone and she has worked on projects like the Bill and Melinda Gates Funded Mobile Technology for Health and Ford Foundation funded election-monitoring project for Nigerian Elections.

After resigning her role as Head of Commercial Solutions at Vodafone, She started her own Company Edel Consultancy which is the vehicle for driving her passion (www.edelitconsult.com ).

She also runs monthly Women in Technology Knowledge sharing series an informal networking group focused on education and enhancing women’s careers

One of the tenets of the YALI Fellowship will be to share lessons learnt with all and Ethel will be doing that by sharing her journey on her website www.yali.ethelcofie.com
She will also be sharing videos of the inspiring stories of the other participants on her Youtube channel and promoting Ghana and Ghanaian businesses with her online presence.

To learn more about this, please contact:
Ethel Cofie