MEST Opens Recruitment to Kenya

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Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology has extended its recruitment boundaries towards East Africa, and specifically to Kenya! Over the past few years, MEST has succeeded in building a software entrepreneurship scholarship program which trains graduates to build globally successful software companies. As part of its efforts to create wealth and jobs across Africa, the school opened recruitment to Nigeria last year. This year, it has gone even further, all the way to Kenya.

The recruitment process in Nigeria brought in 9 out of about 27 trainees for last year. This has brought a good exposure within the program as graduates expect to build global, and not just Ghanaian, products. Hopefully, this recruitment to Kenya will yield great results for the school and the MEST Incubator.

This change also comes amidst the MEST rebranding and several partnerships that MEST has been signing first with Interswitch, then Vodafone, and recently Samsung. Another less popular news update is the program’s shortened duration, which now brings it to a year of training. This could be a good opening to create more software startups in more countries across Africa. These changes and partnerships may just be unraveling MEST’s new phase as it begins to gets into more territories meeting the changing needs and growing tech ecosystem in Africa.

Kenya has been one of Africa’s favourites when it comes to technology and entrepreneurship on the continent. Hopefully, this change will in a way contribute to startup activity in the East African country. It will be an opening to have more startups which have founders form different countries thus increasing general adoption for software across countries on the continent.

MEST has been known to produce some globally acclaimed startups. How do you think these changes will affect the MEST program and the incubator? Is it even necessary? Share your comments.

#DEMOTop40 : SokoNect Connects Small Scale Farmers To Buyers of Farm Products

Innovations in agriculture within the continent keeps growing as many business find ways of applying technology to one of the most sustainable sectors in the African economy.

SokoNect is an agribusiness solution that uses mobile technology to link small scale Farmers to the Buyers of Horticultural products, domestic animals as well as agricultural service providers in the within their locality.

SokoNect ensures that rural farmers gain access to a market at the comfort of their farms without relying on middlemen who are connected to markets and end users/buyers and can get the crop to the market where the local farmer cannot, gaining much more than the farmer.
The middle men dictate the prices of the produce, and since the farmer does not have ability to market his produce or access to real time crop prices, he accepts what the middle man offers.


  • SokoNect is an award winning mobile Application that emerged category winner in the just concluded Safaricom Appwiz challenge 2013 in the agriculture category.
  • We were also privileged to be finalist of Pivot east 
  • We have been nominated to participate in World Summit Award (
  • Our admisssion to Demo Africa 2014 is an achievement in itself.


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  3. Isaac Mutunga, Co-Founder- Farmer, +254725840365,
  4. Ester Monchari, Marketing Officer, +254723405547,

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