#DEMOTop40 : Nikweli Is An SMS-Based Job Matching Service

Nikweli is a mobile-to-web job matching platform that connects employers and job seekers for service and industry sector positions. Job seekers register their standardized professional details through SMS. We control quality of the database. Employers search and compile candidates online with a click. We aim to expand reach, reduce cost and time, and bring more transparency for employers and job seekers alike.

Job seekers register their standardized professional details through an automatic SMS survey. We have various checking mechanisms to try to make sure the details are as accurate and detailed as possible. Employers search for candidates on our web interface with criteria that are important to them. They can compile chosen candidates with a click. Once the employer pays, they will be able to see the full information and contact details of the candidates they have chosen. The shortlisting process is done. The rest is up to the employers to interview their candidates.

There is a lot of potential for expansion with additional functionalities to make sure the experience is smooth and painless for both employers and job seekers alike.

Problem: In Tanzania, 850,000 candidates enter the labour market each year. Most struggle to find employment due to financial constraints, few connections, and inaccurate knowledge. Employers complain about time and financial cost to find honest and good workers.

Opportunity: With more than 90% of job seekers able to use a simple phone – compared to only 12% with internet access – there is an enormous opportunity to leverage mobile technology to provide a scalable recruitment solution.

Solution: Nikweli is faster, easier and more efficient for employers and job seekers alike than our competitors. Candidates register their professional details from a simple phone. Employers search, sort, and shortlist candidates via an intuitive online interface.

Our main competitors are recruitment agencies, websites with job postings, and two other new job postings through SMS services. We believe our targets and methods to reach our clients are different enough from our competitors that we occupy a good-size niche.

We have over 600 job seekers signed up. Currently, we are scaling our database to 1000+ candidates. We have 10 employers signed up for trials since our prototype 1.0 was realised. We are pushing for our second phase of employer trials in the next 3 weeks.

We are also in discussions on partnerships with Millicom/Tigo, Restless Development, Dar Teknohama Business Incubator, and other partners.

Restless Development -presence in the youth job-seekers community
VIBINDO – presence in the informal sector community

Prospective (discussions with partner are ongoing):
TIGO – mobile operator focusing on youth and low income customer segment in Tanzania (and subsequently other mobile operators in the country)
DTBi – business incubator in Tanzania, offering connection with local technology community for building the platform

– Semi-Finalist at the Rice Business Plan Competition 2014 (http://alliance.rice.edu/rbpc.aspx); currently under mentorship program from the Rice Business Plan Competition.

– Top 40 Startup Finalist for DEMO Africa 2014 (www.demoafrica2014.com) to present in Lagos, Nigeria in September 2014.

Tifany Tong
Agnieszka Łyniewska

Combined, we have 10+ years of experience in Tanzania, especially in private sector development. Whether in the field, in the city, with private companies or public organizations, we have the business savvy, technical skills, experience, and passion to make Nikweli happen.

Our two co-founders are Tiffany Tong and Agnieszka Łyniewska.
Agnieszka is the original founder of Nikweli. She worked as a private sector development economist at the World Bank in Tanzania and as a strategy consultant in London and Spain. She finished her MBA at London Business School. Apart from the original idea and passion to implement it, she brings to Nikweli business acumen, management skills as well as relationships and knowledge of Tanzanian business environment.

Tiffany is the other co-founder of Nikweli. She has lived in East Africa (Tanzania and Uganda) for over 4 years, working in operations in rural villages and capital cities; with donors and private companies. She most recently coordinated an impact evaluation research project with the World Bank in Tanzania. She brings detailed local knowledge and hard-earned project implementation skills to Nikweli.

Development Stack

Contact/Social Media/Job Openings
Web: http://nikweli.com or https://vc4africa.biz/ventures/nikweli/
Twitter: @Nikweli_tz
Facebook: /nikweli.tz
Or email us at info@nikweli.com

#DEMOTop40 : m-MuZiik Is A Music Streaming Service For Feature Phones

m-MuZiik ( formerly MuZik) is a music streaming service for feature phones , first. On-demand, without Internet connection, users access unlimited free legal music and live new music experience on the go. No app to install, no music storage, just SMS an information about a song, and m-MuZiik plays it on your mobile phone.


  • Unlimited free music
  • Musical listening every where you go
  • No apps to install
  • No Internet Connection required

Demo Africa Top 40


  • Patrick Mveng ( @adelphepatrick) , CEO & Founder , Looking for Adam 2.0
  • Diane Djiele, CFO
  • Moïse Keutchatcham, UX Engineer
  • Germain Akono, GSM Engineer

Development Stack

  • GSM Technologies
  • Proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms (Machine Learning, NLP, Machine Marketing)

Contact/Social Media/Job Openings
Twitter : @mmuziik
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/m-MuZiik
Email : mmuziik@adelrick.com

#DEMOTop40 : Integrated Medics Is a Medical Info Management System for Hospitals

D8ONE8 Technologies Limited has developed an array of software mostly suited for the African continent. These products include Integrated School Portal, Autoklic, Gospeltunes, Capstone Manager, Mediclue, etc. Integrated Medics is one of D8ONE8’s products, and it has made it to the Top 40 list of this year’s DEMO Africa list of startups.

Integrated MEDICS is a user friendly, multi-functional, web based Medical Information Management System, otherwise called Medics, designed to computerize all classes of hospitals, while putting into consideration the complexities involved in the medical industry.


  1. All medical and non-medical department within hospital on a single platform
  2. Best inpatient management platform
  3. Hundreds of medical reports
  4. Platform and back-end independent
  5. The best in time of financial reporting (Get real time balance sheet)
  6. Multi-tenants
  7. Well documented – no need of special training before use
  8. Audit trail
  9. Beautiful User Interface and User friendly
  10. Highly customizable interface

Integrated MEDICS is currently running in General Hospital, Niger State, Nigeria.


  • Gbenle Oladapo
  • Tobi Ogunbode
  • Dele Bamidele

Development Stack

Contact/Social Media/Job Openings
Web: www.integratedmedics.com
Email: info@integratedmedics.com

#DEMOTop40 : Foodstantly Is An Online Marketplace for Food

Foodstantly is an online marketplace for food. Foodstantly uses technology to provide market access to farmers, food traders and restaurant. We do this by providing them with a mobile –web platform to set up shops, accepts payment, display good, promote goods and deliver direct to millions of consumers across the nation.
The sellers are given an easy simple to use interface to register, set up online shop and start selling through their mobile phones or internet enabled device.

Our 3 main products are:

  • Ready to cook: for farmer, food traders, frozen food dealers and restaurants to set up online shop and sell and deliver food stuffs/farm produce direct to consumers. Thereby saving the consumers the stress and hassles of going to the open air market to buy foodstuffs and farm produce.
  • Ready to eat: is for restaurant discovery and online meal ordering .Restaurant and fast-food can set up shop, sell and deliver to consumers. Consumers can in the comfort of their homes or offices order for meals and take delivery at their doorpost .Solving the challenges of traffic, hassles, time wastage etc.
  • Farm Produce Aggregation: this involves entering into partnership with farms, take delivery from the farm gate of all their harvest, sort it in sorting centres and sell it direct to consumers on the platform.

For consumers we provide convenience and same they time. For sellers we provide them with easy market access and use technology to grow their business without any physical barrier.

We have sellers from across the nation sign up these are farmers, food traders, food wholesalers and restaurant chains. We also have users registered across the country and monthly our order are growing. We also are opening up new channels and products to complement the existing ones.

We are a 6-man team made up of individuals skilled in business development, marketing and product development.

About The Founder

I’m Uche Ariolu, professionally a lawyer but at heart an entrepreneur; I love building businesses and love creating jobs. I have set up a series of small business from my school days. I worked for a while in the food and hospitality industry and gained a lot of knowledge about the industry as well as worked in the ICT outsourcing industry as a freelancer for 10 years. Just before I set up Foodstantly I set up TicketMyPal an event discovery and online ticket sales platform for shows,events,seminars and entertainment.

Contact/Social Media/Job Openings
Email: info@foodstantly.com
Facebook; Foodstantly
Twitter: @Foodstantly
Instagram: Foodstantly
Web: foodstantly.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/foodstantly

We need marketing executives and content writers and graphic designers at the moment.
Personal Twitter:@chayex
Personal Facebook;Uchay Ariolu
Personal Linkedin: ng.linkedin.com/in/ucheariolu/

#DEMOTop40 : Connect Finance Is A Complete Accounting Suite for Organizations

CONNECT FINANCE is a business and accounting management software. It allows companies track their sales, expenses and inventory. With a focus on intelligent reporting, it empowers decision makers to make quick and effective decisions in a timely manner.


  • Folder Based Customer Relation Management System (CRM)
  • Ability for Multi-currency Transactions Using Real Time Exchange Rates
  • Effective Management of Payment Transactions by Clients, Suppliers and Accounts
  • Deep Integration of EMAIL and SMS with Both Manual and Automatic Communication Features
  • Powerful Audit and Access Control System,
  • Clients’ Sales Order, Quotations, Invoices, Payments, Credit Notes and Journals
  • Suppliers’ Purchase Orders, Bills, Payments and Journals 
  • Multiple and Detailed Financial Reports
  • Clients’ ability to choose Desired and Suitable Modules

Within the first year of launch, Fifteen Million Naira (=N=15,000,000.00) was recorded from sales and more than fifty clients subscribed to the software usage including government agencies, manufacturing companies and private companies.

Founding Team
Tope Olutola (MD/CEO)
Tope has been working in the software and information transmission and security environment for 17 years and is a seasoned technology executive with strong operational and security related skills. As the MD/CEO, he is responsible for determining the vision, direction and growth of the company.

Lola Oshunleti (Human Resources Manager)
Lola is an established human resources manager known for developing an employee-oriented company culture that emphasizes quality, continuous improvement, key employee retention and development, and high performances.

Tope Babajide (Financial Analyst)
Tope Babajide is a financial guru whose areas of expertise include Investment Analysis, Financial Statement Analysis, Capital Budgeting Analysis, Financial Modeling, and Relationship Management.

Development Stack

  • Java
  • MySQL
  • ColdFusion
  • HTML5

Contact/Social Media/Job Openings
Phone: 08037217281
Website: www.etnconnect.com
Facebook: facebook.com/etn.connect
Twitter: @connectfinancia

#DEMOTop40 : Matibabu Prevents and Diagnoses Malaria With a Phone and a "Matiscope"

As per the WHO report 2013 a child dies from malaria every 60 secconds. Current malaria detection methods require a blood sample and diagnosis is then conducted via microscope (30 min) or molecular diagnostic methods (15 min). Microscopes cannot do early detection because of under sampling, while molecular diagnostics don’t give a count of plasmodium. Matibabu excels compared with molecular diagnostics because of increased speed and no blood sampling required, and can detect malaria early compared with microscope

Matibabu is an Application for early, non-invasive malaria diagnosis with a phone and a custom piece of hardware (Matiscope).

Matibabu address malaria disease management by offering cost-effective rapid early diagnosis of malaria which reduces amount of medication, duration of treatment and number of people suffering severe effects of malaria infection. Matibabu offers prompt, accurate diagnosis reducing without painful needle pricks, power challenges, the need for trained personnel, and shortened diagnosis time. It also offers educational tips on prevention and mosquito repellent sound. With potential value of reduced socio-economic costs of the disease for 300-500 million people.


  • UN empowerment award
  • UN women @microsoft Imagine cup, July 2013
  • Best Project Uganda Local final, Microsoft, April 2013
  • HESN USAID TECHCON 2013 best pitch, USAID, November 2013


Development Stack

  • PHP
  • windows phone C#
  • windows Azure 
  • Android
  • HTML

Contact/Social Media/Job Openings
Twitter: @matibabu8
Facebook: /Matibabu.thinkIT,
Web: www.matibabu.blog.com

#DEMOTop40 : Online Hisab Provides SMEs With A Cloud-Based Accounting Package

Online Hisab is a cloud based accounting package for Ethiopian SMEs, who are looking for an affordable and easy to use accounting solution. It enhances and facilitates the SMEs’s financial management without requiring prior accounting knowledge and advanced computer proficiency. Online Hisab runs online and charges an annual nominal subscription fee.

Online Hisab has been developed as a cloud-based accounting package that recognizes SMEs’ resource limitation, lack of computer proficiency and accounting skills.It allows the SME’s to have a bird’s eye view of their books, make quick and easy data entries, create invoices quickly, record payments easily, obtain instant insight of business operations all through unlimited data storage and automatic backups guaranteeing data security and safety. It enhances and facilitates the SME’s financial management by easily getting the aggregated sales, monitoring the petty cash and generating financial reports.
Our Accounting Solution is specially formatted to match the Ethiopian context with easy accounting terminology allowing rapid integration into daily operations. Accessed on mobile and desktop platforms both in English and Amharic with easy to use dashboard, bank level security, automatic backups, encryption and unlimited data storage.

Online Hisab enables Businesses overcome challenges associated with financial recording, maximize the use of their funds, focus on their core functions, satisfy their customers and comply with tax regulations while contributing to the nations growth and transformation.


  • Founders Award and First Runners up in the enterprise category at Pivot East 2014


  • Asmeret Gebre, BSc. in Information Systems and Technology from USIU and Product development Lead
  • Selamawit Tesfahuney, Certified Accountant, Chief Financial Officer
  • 3 more employees

Development Stack
Webserver: Apache
Database: MySQL
Server-Side programming: PHP
Client-Side Programming: HTML, Javascript etc.

Contact/Social Media/Job Openings

#DEMOTop40 : SpellAfrica Initiative Helps Young Africans Speak Better English

Speaking good English is a critical component to help one communicate effectively. SpellAfrica is a hybrid Education for sustainable development Initiative. We focused on developing unique strategies for the purpose of helping Africa’s youths learn better English skills via mobile devices.

A picture is said to worth a thousand words. This is the driving idea behind our new Edugame, “FotoBulary”.  The app uses eye catching images to inculcate English lessons in the hearts and minds of the player. To get to the end, the payer must get the correct answers to all 50 images.
Without any formal publicity, the mVocabulary product of SpellAfrica attracted well over 50,000 users in less than 12months of launch.  We have received positive responses and feedback messages from users.

Sample mVocabulary

SpellAfrica is a youth led organization born out of passion and dedication for the purpose of assisting young Africans to learn better English skills.

A university graduate in Benin City, ones argued that it is impossible to learn English using SMS. I picked up my phone and read the mVocabulary word of that day to him. Interesting the word was “Cannibalize”. So I asked him the meaning of the word of the day. With all confident he answered “the eating of human flesh by another human being. “The eating of the flesh of an animal by another animal of its own kind”. He actually thought cannibalism was the same with  cannibalize.

Elvis AUSTINS, Founder/CEO
Since the inception of SpellAfrica Initiative about 4years ago, Elvis has won a number of awards in social entrepreneurship, including the GSBI Online program of Santa Clara University, Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship, Stockholm and Startup generation fellowship in Canada, etc. He is also the winner of the 2014 English online exam scholarship of the IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language). He was recently awarded a Microsoft 4Afrika Scholarship.

Erezi Edoreh, Head of Marketing
Erezi is a gifted and passionate marker, with the ability to sell goods and service by making few statements. Before joining SpelAfrica Initiative, He worked with an American insurance company where he gathered years of experience in marketing. As the head of Marketing Operations, he is in charge of designing marketing strategies for SpellAfria Initiative.

Some of the volunteers and students of the SpellAfrica Initiative

Development Stack

Contact/Social Media/Job Openings
Email: info@spellafrica.org
Phone: +2347030240731
Twitter:  @spellafrica
skype: spellafrica

#DEMOTop40 : SmartPesa Helps You Make Credit/Debit Card Transactions On Mobile

Following the success of mPesa, many innovative mobile payment solutions are making such transactions less hectic for all people across the continent. SmartPesa enables credit or debit card payments to be taken on a mobile phone, simple as that.

The SmartPesa platform allows a financial institution to quickly and cost-effectively add mobile POS (“mPOS”) to its merchant offerings without needing to modify its existing back-end payment infrastructure or current POS programme.  It has been designed from the ground-up to be secure, scalable and versatile whilst providing greater information to both the financial institution and its customers with its powerful and adaptable merchant platform.

The SmartPesa solution comprises four components:

  1. Transaction processing server than fully integrates with a financial institution’s existing back-end payment infrastructure
  2. Apps (Android, iOS or Windows) and the ability to integrate into existing Apps
  3. Card readers (wide range available and lowest cost)
  4. Merchant information platform

Internationally there is a transition from payments in cash to payments by card for reasons of convenience and security.  This is especially true in emerging markets where annual card growth and card payment growth is 21% and 10% respectively.  Only 38% of payments in emerging markets are in cash versus developed markets at 59%.

Financial institutions have understood this trend and are quickly looking to have mPOS to capture this growth.  Current growth in mPOS is 43% per annum and is expected to constitute almost half of all POS devices by 2019.

SmartPesa specialises in emerging markets, providing an end-to-end platform to quickly extend a financial institution’s POS offering to include mPOS.

SmartPesa is launching in Rwanda in conjunction with the national switch and will be able to accept payments for all banks in Rwanda.  The solution comprises App, server and merchant services.

Discussions are continuing with a number of financial institutions in Africa, SE Asia and South America.

Barry, Co-founder
Thorsten, Co-founder

Co-founders Barry Levett and Thorsten Neumann.  Android and Java developers

Development Stack
Technologies used in the SmartPesa solution include .Net, SQL Server, Amazon AWS/other virtual server environment (as required by clients), Android, iOS, Java (EMV kernel), SugarCRM, Thales payShield and Postillion PostBridge switch.
Also used in development: Freshdesk, WaveApps, Trello, dapulse, Bitbucket

Contact/Social Media/Job Openings
Email: info@smartpesa.com
Web: www.smartpesa.com
Twitter: @smartpesa
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/transactiontechnologies
Google+: https://plus.google.com/106968534150408363578/videos
Looking for iOS developer

#DEMOTop40 : FeedbackPlus Enhances Feedback Between Organizations and Customers

The Company’s name is Consumer Delight Business Services Ltd. Our vision is to help organizations achieve customer satisfaction ‘whatever it takes’, and we want to be held accountable to this standard.

Feedbackplus, is an internet/mobile feedback solution that lets customers give feedback to products and services organizations either via feedbackplus mobile app or feedbackplus.net; and enables organizations to receive, respond to and resolve customers issues, real time, via a dashboard, where they can also access periodic reports with feedback analytic.

To Customers

  • Give feedback free of charge
  • Give feedback anywhere, anytime
  • Get to attach pictures and documents (as evidences) where necessary
  • Monitor feedback status real time (On queue, Receiving Attention, 25% Resolve, 75% Resolved, 100% Resolved, Closed)
  • Get to confirm resolution before issue gets closed
  • Send your feedback as voice message if preferred
  • Reach dozens of organizations with the same app.

To Organizations

  • Receive customers’ feedback ‘on the spot’ when they are experiencing your products and services
  • Monitor your branches/outlets from customers points of view
  • Make Feedback a day-to-day part of your customers habit
  • Stay in touch with any customer that gives feedback before and after resolution
  • Let your employees use their mobile devices to resolve thousands of customers issues anywhere/anytime
  • Access periodic reports and analytics including Trends, Satisfaction, Loyalty, Status etc and various Predictive and Prescriptive analytics
  • Get customization to your own specific needs

Mobile app now available on Android, iOS, BB10 and BB07 & bellow devices, and the web application is accessible on 95% of desktop and mobile browsers


  • Niyi Falodun  (CEO)
  • Enoch Durotoye (Planning and Marketing)
  • Linda Ebekine, Busola Alabi, Biodun Ajiboye (Business Development)
  • Olaniyi Olorunkosebi – Investor
  • Dotun Sulaimon – Advisor

Development Stack
MySql, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript,

Contact/Social Media/Job Openings
For Inquiries – info@feedbackplus.net
Job Opening – career@feedbackplus.net